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Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
. tina due pie of the contributor and lee camp of the book the web. i love your short videos. >> thank you. >> john: thank you all for dropping by. do come back. sorry it was so brief but fake girlfriends take priority. more about manatee tieio and all of the fake girls we love. first, a peek at what's coming up on "say anything" with joy behar. you there? >> thanks, john. on tonight's "say anything," the great congressman from massachusetts, barney frank talks about everything from gun control to the fiscal cliff to what he found most difficult about coming out as a gay man. >> joy: what's the most painful thing about staying in the closet or not coming out? >> you cannot develop the kind of emotional relationships people have. a lot of people who are gay say i'll put all of my energy in my job. we all have needs emotional needs as well as physical needs that need an outlet and suppressing them is the problem. >> joy: that's not all. my panel will talk about lindsay lohan's alleged activity as a high-priced escort and if that's not enough, we take a look at kim kardashian's boobs on "
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
be if ben affleck is able to win best director over steven spielberg, an lee, kathryn bigelow. >> reporter: affleck and biglo were snubbed for nominations in the same category. "breaking bad" is up against pbs' "downton abbey." for best drama. also nominated tina fey and amy poehler. the pair expected to add a bit of a kick to this year's show, as co-hosts. >> we've been practicing and the winner for best actor in a drama is -- >> daniel day-lewis for "avatar." >> looks like a fun night with the hosts expected to set a different tone than last year. the beverly hilton will be serving 7,000 glasses of champagne, that will help too. savannah, back to you. >> all right. miguel almaguer, thank you so much. are you ready? heading this way today, right? >> we are. however, mr. roker is warning us of some chilly weather, not that we're whining. but uncalifornia-like temperatures. >> we should whine. it's going to be a little bit rainy, right? >> actually, i think the rain is going to hold off. i don't think that will be a problem. chilly. breezy. updos are in order. >> go ahead. >> and hope they
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2